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I'm allan Ambroise
The K9 Leader

With over 25 years of experience in dog training, I began learning the craft at age 8 under my father, a professional trainer. After managing a security dog kennel at a multinational company for seven years, I now offer private dog coaching at home and am developing an online course to share my expertise globally, focusing on fostering strong, joyful bonds between dogs and their owners.

I can help you with

Does your pet struggle with obedience, show anxiety, or fail to respond to basic commands? Our tailored coaching addresses these specific issues, enhancing your dog's behavior and strengthening your bond.

Puppy Training

Unlock your puppy's potential with our specialized training. Learn effective Potty training techniques, basic commands, and behavior shaping to ensure a well-behaved, happy puppy right from the start.

Good Manners

Instill excellent manners in your puppy with focused training. Learn essential skills like sitting before meals, waiting at doors, and gentle interaction, fostering a respectful and well-mannered companion for life.

Obedience Training

Enhance your dog's discipline with our obedience training. Master commands like sit, stay, and heel to improve control and responsiveness, ensuring a well-behaved, obedient companion in any situation.

Unlock Your Dog's Best Self: Essential Obedience Skills in Action!

Private Dog Training Coaching

Private coaching in dog training offers tailored, focused sessions that accelerate a dog’s learning by addressing their specific needs and behaviors directly. It provides personalized attention, enabling faster progress than group sessions. Conducted in the comfort of the dog's own home, it enhances convenience and reduces stress for both the dog and owner. This one-on-one approach not only helps in resolving specific behavioral issues like aggression or anxiety but also strengthens the bond between the dog and its owner through improved communication and understanding.

Nitoune's ❤ Transformation Journey!

Meet Nitoune, a once fearful and aggressive rescue stray who's now thriving. Watch her incredible journey to becoming a confident and joyful pup in our latest training video!"

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